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Three-legged dog to work every day was twice sent

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PostPosted: Wed 5:25, 19 Feb 2014    Post subject: Three-legged dog to work every day was twice sent

She told reporters, "Sissy" Now in the pet hospital because Tuiyou was worn out.
Shen love to say,[url=http://doc.openxtrem.com/core/system.php?p=855]Piumini Moncler Uomo Gabriel[/url], every time after amputation dressing to it, unlike other West running around barking like a dog, just tears, "and even the doctors Doukua it behaved very strong,[url=http://www.pat.hi-ho.ne.jp/cgi-bin/user/s-washio/yybbs.cgi]http://www.pat.hi-ho.ne.jp/cgi-bin/user/s-washio/yybbs.cgi[/url], looking distressed."
March 18, volunteers Shen love that dog owners no longer keep it up,[url=http://www.acquaenergy.it/agenda/class.php?p=138]Hogan Interactive Uomo[/url], she hopes to have to give it a warm home wishers shelter "cc".
Shen asked residents love to go to the district where the original dog in April 2012 was crushed electric cars, and after the injury the owner no longer willing to keep it, but to let it wander.
Under the guidance of the residents of the host family she found the dog,[url=http://www.gci.it/gcispa/system.php?p=880]Piumini Moncler Uomo Hector[/url], the owner says the dog named "Sissy" Shen small dog owner let the dog away love, "may host family conditions are very general, said the dog could not keep up."
Shen had to take the dog to the little love pet hospital, the doctor said, the dog's legs have necrosis,[url=http://smtmagazine.com/pages/search.cgi]http://smtmagazine.com/pages/search.cgi[/url], and to ensure that the wound is not infected, can arrange amputation, West became one of only three legged dog.
Suffered another abandoned, who gave the "cc" a new home on March 18, Shen told reporters love.
Thinking, "Sissy" so dead set against the owner,[url=http://www.physioedge.co.uk/includes/class.php?p=18]wholesale nfl jerseys[/url], said Shen little love and want to help it, she and the dog owner had some communication,[url=http://www.giki.it/js/temp.php?p=75]Ballerine Hogan Donna[/url], dog owners expressed their willingness to "cc" then go back.
"I thought, it does not run back Wujialing it." With this in mind, Shen love to see "West" lying on the doorstep of the original owner's watching,[url=http://www.leafcommunity.com/wp-includes/system.php?p=39]moncler italia[/url], she could not help the tears fell down on the brush. "
She said some time ago to see the "West",[url=http://www.geol.sci.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/~environ/cgi-bin/lightlight.cgi?res=1322483]http://www.geol.sci.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/~environ/cgi-bin/lightlight.cgi?res=1322483[/url], the owner not ignore it, "the West" has been wandering outside, the district where residents told myself, the whole body wet rainy dogs,[url=http://www.resemin.com/intra/customize.php?p=936]cheap nfl nike jerseys online[/url], regardless of the owner, is also a big winter sleep
Gently stroked the wound, it will sink small tears of love are volunteers Changsha Small Animal Protection Association, she first saw the "West" in October 2012, when she was passing Wujialing one cell and saw two dogs in
back until the last moment of life.
Back to the "West", the love went to Shen Wu Jialing seen it twice.
So far, it is how to run their own back. "
's story" gave many people to tears, "Hachiko" Pick a day to work on the owner,[url=http://www.apoteca.it/wp-includes/system.php?p=627]Piumini Moncler Donna Phalene[/url], when the owner died of a stroke,[url=http://www.roundtablefilmsftp.co.uk/conf/class.php?p=2268]marshawn lynch womens jersey[/url], still every day at the train station and other masters
Light touch it's leg,[url=http://www.geol.sci.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/~environ/cgi-bin/lightlight.cgi?res=3388234]http://www.geol.sci.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/~environ/cgi-bin/lightlight.cgi?res=3388234[/url], it will shed tears, as if he knew someone care about it.
at the door.
slapstick, accidentally found a white lion dog hair hurt, "rotten right front legs,[url=http://toolproducts.jp/cgi-bin/tkbbs1/tkbbs1.pl?page_num=1]http://toolproducts.jp/cgi-bin/tkbbs1/tkbbs1.pl?page_num=1[/url],[url=http://www.dhump.org/webcal/class.php?p=738]Women’s Mulberry Somerset Red Purse[/url], and could see the blood and pus." Shen love that dog loves people close to hand mouths went to his side, light
" onmouseover="this.style.backgroundColor='#ebeff9'" onmouseout="this.style.backgroundColor='#fff'">(Mr. Wang, 50 yuan reward cues)
volunteers at the south entrance looking around for four or five hours, but did not see "the West."
One area where the powder shop aunt said,[url=http://www.dhump.org/webcal/customize.php?p=2871]cheap cycling jerseys[/url],[url=http://cgi.snafu.de/ohei/user-cgi-bin/veraresp-e.cgi]http://cgi.snafu.de/ohei/user-cgi-bin/veraresp-e.cgi[/url], only the strong three-legged dog "Sissy" are sent to the owner of the cell door every day, watched the owner go to work, such a scene,[url=http://www.niji.or.jp/cgi-bin/wakasa-yybbs.cgi]http://www.niji.or.jp/cgi-bin/wakasa-yybbs.cgi[/url], in the "West" had a leg injury also staged a day.
To the cell door,[url=http://www.bigeddyfilm.com/cli/link.php?p=1020]Nike LeBron IX Homme Fluorescent[/url], watched the master at work after hospital discharge, Shen love the "West" to live in foster care in a home south entrance of the volunteers did not expect the next day,[url=http://sns.china777.org/space.php?uid=8098&do=blog&id=495774]http://sns.china777.org/space.php?uid=8098&do=blog&id=495774[/url], "West" did not pay attention when you take advantage of people ran to open the door, and that Shen little love
"I see 'Sissy' host family conditions are not good, may indeed not afford to keep it." For distressed, Shen small dog owners love and communication, had once again "Sissy" from Wujialing picked up.
Shen little love, "said West," is of an adult white lion hair dog, "very cute, and very obedient. Hoping to find good-hearted people to adopt it." Interested parties may contact Changsha Small Animal Protection Association, or call Xiaoxiang Morning hotline 96360.
In Changsha, also has such a loyal dog "Sissy", was crushed in an electric car, leaving only three legs amputated after, still sent to the owner of the cell door to go to work every day.

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