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Edible fire truck jump from 15 meters flame blown

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PostPosted: Wed 0:56, 05 Feb 2014    Post subject: Edible fire truck jump from 15 meters flame blown

40 meters long flowing fire ignited near a private house, a number of houses being grilled broken glass. Scene: big trucks to take 15-meter fire at 23:38 on October 25, Lingbi fire brigade received a report that Highway 303 near the county Yuji Township a fully loaded 31 tons of edible soybean oil trucks on fire. Alarm, 15 firefighters,[url=http://www.mirrorsgeek.fr/category/chaussures-louboutin/]chaussures louboutin[/url],[url=http://www.geol.sci.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/~environ/cgi-bin/lightlight.cgi?res=206198]http://www.geol.sci.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/~environ/cgi-bin/lightlight.cgi?res=206198[/url], three water tankers rushed to the scene for rescue. "When we arrived, the entire fire trucks were flooded, and 15-meter-high flames jump up enough." Who participated in the rescue of the fire brigade said smoke billowed from the scene, churning up the air can smell the thick smoke flavor, 6 power lines were blown, burning crackling power lines and scattered on the ground,[url=http://moncler-pas-cher.labocraft.fr/category/doudoune-moncler-femm/]doudoune moncler femm[/url], the fire continued to spread along the wires, the scene is very thrilling. To avoid the high voltage ground assault, causing greater fire,[url=http://www.geol.sci.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/~environ/cgi-bin/lightlight.cgi?res=3366184]http://www.geol.sci.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/~environ/cgi-bin/lightlight.cgi?res=3366184[/url], firefighters pulled hose while fighting,[url=http://www.areyoumylitter.ca/canada-goose/]canada goose[/url], while quickly rushed to the scene to contact the local electricity sector viewed protection. A nearby resident said around 11:30 that night, she heard an explosion,[url=http://www.rjturner.co.uk/mulberry-outlet-store/]mulberry outlet store[/url], thought it was a flat tire,[url=http://www.blue-giga.com/cgi-bin/gigabbs/joyful.cgi]http://www.blue-giga.com/cgi-bin/gigabbs/joyful.cgi[/url], came out and saw that I learned that the car fire. "I was shocked! My house broken glass have been baked, the house can feel significant heat wave." Soon,[url=http://www.bougiesetballons.fr/doudoune-canada-goose-femme.html]doudoune canada goose femme[/url], the scene ablaze, fire roasted house temperature, for safety reasons,[url=http://www.colors-st.com/mobile/epad/epad.cgi?del=126825]http://www.colors-st.com/mobile/epad/epad.cgi?del=126825[/url], many nearby residents ran from home out. Adventure: 40 meters long flowing fire ignited houses more worrying is that the fire caused the car to eat a lot of soy oil leak,[url=http://aki3.sakura.ne.jp/nigao/nigaoe.cgi?plus=z059&mode=r]http://aki3.sakura.ne.jp/nigao/nigaoe.cgi?plus=z059&mode=r[/url], flowing along the road up to 40 meters long. The already ignited fire,[url=http://www.hyogoshoubou.jp/cgi-bin/bbs/freetalk.cgi]http://www.hyogoshoubou.jp/cgi-bin/bbs/freetalk.cgi[/url], along the flowing out of the oil, burning all the way to form 40 meters long flowing fire. Edible oil continues to flow, the fire continues to spread. The nearest houses beside the road less than 5 meters from the fire point. Fire by the wind, the street ignited a house, a number of houses near the broken glass due to high temperature. Since the point of combustion in the provincial highway,[url=http://cgi.cyborg.ne.jp/~mito/cgi-bin/board/ume/yybbs.cgi]http://cgi.cyborg.ne.jp/~mito/cgi-bin/board/ume/yybbs.cgi[/url], passing traffic more firefighters immediately conducted a blockade on the road, and from vehicle traffic is prohibited in order to avoid wires and scattered houses were ignited inside the gas tank exploded, and truck fuel tank explosion caused no casualties,[url=http://www.the-iphone-developers.co.uk/canada-goose-jackets-uk/]canada goose jackets uk[/url], Firefighters on the crowd to evacuate immediately. Rescue: three water tankers, fill the water back and forth six times, "fire truck parked outside the vehicle on fire in the 30 meters,[url=http://www.cialisachatenligne.fr/air-jordan-pas-cher-pour-fille/]air jordan pas cher pour fille[/url], I just feel off the face not roasted, skin and seems to catch fire as well." Said a fire fighter, fire parched skin, they had to take turns to battle the fire, and the replacement of the soldiers down,[url=http://hollister-france.pagespersoorange.fr/hollister-carr-snart/]hollister carré sénart[/url], then continue to face red with cold water,[url=http://www.edit.ne.jp/~ssn/maincgi/yybbs-f2/yybbs.cgi]http://www.edit.ne.jp/~ssn/maincgi/yybbs-f2/yybbs.cgi[/url],[url=http://www.alphabetpoker.co.uk/hollister-uk-outlet-online/]hollister uk outlet online[/url], the temperature is too high, the soldiers clothes are all wet. As a long time in the fire and rescue, and soybean oil is burning, smoke flavor is very strong, the scene began to keep a number of fire fighters retching, but the fire is too big,[url=http://www.bedandbreakfastparmacentro.it/scarpe-hogan-uomo/]scarpe hogan uomo[/url], we had to continue to adhere to the rescue. It is understood that three fire water tanker back and forth six times with water, until yesterday 1:30 Xu,[url=http://www.sgneuss-norf.de/hollister-berlin-eroeffnung/]hollister berlin eröffnung[/url], it will extinguish the fire. As the rescue in a timely manner, without causing secondary explosions and casualties. It is reported that the accident caused Highway 303 LINGBI paragraph break 2 hours, hundreds of vehicles stranded on the road passing vehicles, the direct economic losses of 480,000 yuan. Fortunately, due to the fighting in a timely manner, causing no casualties. Dialogue: car carrying 31 tons of soybean oil Reporter: how did you find the car is on fire Driver: see the flames from the rear-view mirror, this quickly to stop the car alarm. Reporter: a car is soybean oil it Driver: a car is. Reporter: How many tons Driver: 31 tons. Yesterday, reporters learned that this car brand for large trucks Su G87933, the day of departure from the Suzhou City Sixian,[url=http://www.areyoumylitter.ca/canada-goose-jackets-on-sale/]canada goose jackets on sale[/url], intended bound mengcheng whenever the Lingbi Yuji Township, suddenly caught fire after exploding. At present, the cause of the accident is still under investigation, but according to the scene, said the fire brigade, the fire is likely to be caused by a puncture. (Mei Zhang Shuai Wang Baosheng was) (Original title: big trucks loaded with cooking oil jumped 15 meters from the fire)

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