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hollister france 5 Myths About Sports Conditioning

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PostPosted: Fri 7:00, 11 Oct 2013    Post subject: hollister france 5 Myths About Sports Conditioning

5.Myth: It's A Beauty Contest I know many of you have heard thesaying "all show and no go". I am also sure that each and everyone of you has observed this type of player. You know, the bodyof Adonis coupled with the performance of a 1981 Yugo. There aremany factors that contribute to this phenomenon, but one of themain ones is the prevalence of athletes using bodybuildingtraining programs. Don't get me wrong here. In some instances,muscle hypertrophy (growth) is very beneficial, but there is adistinct difference between effective sports conditioningprograms and bodybuilding programs. The main difference is thatstrength and conditioning routines for sports are primarilyfocused on improving the athlete's performance in his/her chosensport. Bodybuilding programs are designed to do just [url=http://www.achbanker.com/hollister.php]hollister france[/url] that -build the body, primarily the muscles. Now, let's shift thefocus to footy. Some things required by a footy player are hipand leg strength and power and strength in the trunk and upperbody. Strength in the hips and legs allows the player to kickthe ball and move about the ground at an effective pace.Strength in the trunk and upper body gives the player stabilitywhen confronted with an awkward body position and [url=http://www.mquin.com/gzparis.php]giuseppe zanotti[/url] allows theplayer to perform tackles and shepherds with brutal efficiency.Did you notice any mention of beautiful, bulging biceps andtriceps or pumped up pecs? Nope. Nada. None. Not a singlemention. Do you know why? Two reasons really: 1. Those areas geteffective training from performing exercises such as squats,deadlifts, pull-ups, over-head presses, etc. As a matter offact, the above exercises provide more than enough of a trainingeffect to keep those muscle groups plenty strong for the demandsplaced on them during the sport. 2. Performing specificexercises for those body parts falls lower on the priority listthan those exercises that are going to more readily assist youin becoming a better footy player. And that's what it's allabout really -- becoming a better footy player, right? Whichbrings us to what may be the biggest sports conditioning myth ofall: Bruno Got Kick-Ass Results, So Will You. You know thestory. A friend of a friend's brother's sister's [url=http://www.mnfruit.com/airjordan.php]jordan pas cher[/url] boyfriend Brunodid this particular program and got kick-ass results, so, ofcourse, it will work the same magic for you. The problems withthese types of stories/myths are that they may or may not betrue, people may be telling them simply to sell a particularprogram, and you don't personally know Bruno. For all you know,Bruno's kick-ass results may be due to the fact that he was astereotypical 90 lb weakling before starting the program ormaybe he was training to be Mr. Olympia. What is probably trueis that Bruno is not a footy player, and despite results ofmythological proportions, his program is totally inappropriatefor footy conditioning. Truth: Bruno Got Kick-Ass Results, YouAre Not Bruno. The [url=http://bbs.0551jx.com/read.php?tid=3751040]tiffany outlet Driving Activity Options Rage Buggies[/url] first thing you must ask yourself before youstart a sports conditioning program is whether or not thisprogram will make you better at your sport, and if so, how. Ifthe answer is YES, then by all means proceed. If, however, theanswer is NO, then you should seriously assess why you wouldwant to undertake such a program. The next question to ask iswhether the program is going to help you strengthen or eliminateweaknesses in your footy game or simply further develop areas inwhich you are already very proficient. Finally, you have todetermine if you have the resources available to accomplish yourgoals. Resources can be anything from training equipment to timeto physical stature. They all play a role in how productive andsuccessful a player you will become. If [url=http://www.mxitcms.com/abercrombie/]abercrombie milano[/url] you are going to performa strength and conditioning program to assist you in becoming abetter footy player, why not perform it using the most effectiveprotocols and techniques available for your sport? Hopefully,this article has helped dispel some of the more commonly heldmyths about strength and conditioning for sports and that youwill soon be well on your way to your own kick-ass results as afooty player. For more articles and information about optimizingyour training programs, be sure to head on over to CoachAnderson's website [link widoczny dla zalogowanych] and check out allthe FREE information available. Also, if you are interested inreceiving monthly training and nutrition information, be sure tosubscribe to my newsletter The Evolutionary atwww.integratedevolution.org

Troy M Anderson, US Revolution Strength and Conditioning CoachIntegrated Evolution, LLC [link widoczny dla zalogowanych]
4.Myth: "Insanity Training" Gets Results A commonly accepteddefinition of insanity is: to repeat the same activity over andover while expecting a different result each time. Many athletestake this same approach with their sports conditioning as well.Once upon a time, they found a program that worked awesomely forthem. They have used it for years and are very comfortable withit because they're good at it. I call this "Insanity Training".There are two very specific problems with "insanity training":1.There is NO perfect program. Just because it worked well foryou at one point in time, does not mean that it will continue towork well for you if you perform it consistently for a longperiod of time. Here's a thought. If a perfect program had beendiscovered, don't you think that everyone would be using it?2.People do not like to change. They like to stick with whatthey know. The same goes for exercise programs. We tend to stickto protocols and exercises that we enjoy and are good at doing.When in reality, we should be doing exercises that address our"weak" areas. Three quick ways to keep your training out of the"Nut House": 1.Change your program every 4 weeks regardless ofhow successfully things are going. It's only a matter of timeuntil the benefits of the program start to fade. 2.When youchange your program, select exercises that you [url=http://www.mnfruit.com/louboutinpascher.php]louboutin pas cher[/url] dislike and addthem to your new program. Chances are these are the areas thatyou need to work the most. Also, just so you don't end up hatingthe entire program, superset a "hated" movement with a movementthat you love. For example, combine Romanian Deadlifts and BicepCurls. 3.Lastly, get a coach, or at the very least an objectiveobserver, to analyze your program, and even better, write aprogram for you. There are two benefits to this. Thecoach/observer won't have the same exercise biases [url=]ugg pas cher Fish Species For Ideal Fly Fishing in[/url] that you do,and you are more likely to comply with a program that someoneelse has written due to the actual or perceived obligation tonot disappoint that person. These are just a couple of quickways to insure that your training doesn't end up like a fatperson on a stationary bike: going nowhere! Truth: "InsanityTraining" Does Not Get Results!
Providing clear-cut sports conditioning programs designed forathletes who are tired of making the wrong decisions about theirtraining programs.
3.Myth: More Is Always Better One of the primary concerns I hearfrom footy players is they don't have the ability to performlonger bouts of running, in the range of 2-4 miles. Although Ido understand how this common misconception can be fostered bywatching AFL level players routinely log 16-24 miles per game,what must be understood, and thus prioritized, is that sportstraining should as closely mimic the sporting activity as ispossible. Even if you are in top condition, the pace at which2-4 miles is run is nowhere near the pace at which a game offooty is played. In footy, the majority of activity is composedof relatively short, intense bouts of work followed by some sortof recovery movement. Hence, it makes sense for a footy player'sconditioning to mimic that process. Performing interval running,fartlek drills, and running multiple 50-400 meter sprints wouldall be very applicable components of a footy conditioningprogram. If the goal [url=http://www.rtnagel.com/airjordan.php]nike air jordan pas cher[/url] is for your training to have a profoundeffect on your game performance, then run fast for short tomoderate distances. You will develop more than adequateconditioning for footy. Truth: More Is Not Always Better!
1.Myth: Strength Training Will Make Me Bulky At the heart ofthis common misconception is the way men and women who performstrength training are depicted in many well known "fitness"magazines. You must understand that the individuals in thosemagazines are not only genetically pre-disposed to gainoutrageous amounts of muscle, they also are using very largedoses of anabolic and androgenic drugs. Not getting "bulky" is aconcern that I have often heard from both ordinary trainees andathletes. First, "bulky" needs to be defined. I assume that thereference to not [url=http://www.rtnagel.com/airjordan.php]jordan pas cher[/url] wanting to be "bulky" is the desire not to looklike the people in the "fitness" magazines. Fortunately, forthose of you concerned with the "bulky factor", you haveabsolutely nothing to worry about. It is entirely possible to bestrong, very strong, without gaining significant amounts of leanbody mass (muscle). As matter of fact, that is exactly how themajority of elite athletes train. Adding extra lean mass is notnecessarily conducive to improved performance. However, beingstronger and more powerful [url=http://www.moncleroutletosterblade.com]moncler outlet[/url] definitely are. [url=http://www.louboumaterialistanyc.com]louboutin pas cher[/url] If you still thinkthat you can't be strong without being bulky, below is a pictureof former USA Olympic Weightlifting Champion Tara Cunningham:
Over the past several months, I have answered a gamut ofquestions from numerous Revolution players with topics rangingfrom pre-competition nutrition [url=http://www.mxitcms.com/tiffany/]tiffany outlet[/url] to exercise performancequestions. All have been valid and good questions. However, Ihave also had to dispel more than a few myths about strengthtraining and sports conditioning as well. All of which has ledto the development of this article in an effort to dismiss asmany of the common myths as possible with one fell-stroke of thekeyboard. So, without further ado, here are the top five mythsrelated to strength training and sports conditioning:
2.Myth: Trash Doesn't Stink Often when working with athletes, Ifind it necessary to "dial" them back on their training a littlebit as it seems they judge the effectiveness of a trainingsession on whether or not they walk away absolutely "wasted".This is a faulty method of quantifying a productive session.Usually by the time you reach the "heavy breathing, sweatdrenched" end of a program, you have long since surpassed theproductive portion of your training. This type of training iswhat I call "Trash Training". You are basically "trashing" yourbody, your ability to recover, and, most importantly, yourPROGRESS. The best way to avoid "trash training" is to keep [url=http://www.winvvv.net/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=]hollister The Financial Aid For College Students[/url] anaccurate training log. That way you can refer back to previousperformance, get into your session, and make progress towardbecoming a better footy player. Progress can be measured aslifting 2.5 more pounds on a barbell squat, running .1 secondfaster in a 50 meter run, or performing one more pull-up. Noneof this quantifiable information will be available to you,however, if you do not keep a training log. Continuous progressis the only way strength and conditioning training is going topositively impact your performance. Otherwise, you are justwasting energy that could be spent elsewhere. If you think oftraining in the following terms, it might [url=http://www.mquin.com/gzparis.php]giuseppe zanotti sneakers[/url] help you to understandthe point I am making. When you go into work every day, youdon't contemplate how to make the work you are going to do thatday as difficult as humanly possible, do you? Of course not. Youthink of ways to make your work more efficient and productive.Well, the same goes for your strength and conditioning work.Truth: Trash Does Stink!
In life we are surrounded by numerous myths and half-truths, theLoch Ness Monster, Big Foot, UFOs in Roswell, and Crop Circlesjust to name a few. No one quite knows if any of these thingsreally exists or if they are just stories told by people forpurposes only they know. Sports conditioning [url=http://www.mquin.com/saclancel.php]lancel pas cher[/url] has much in commonwith these mythological occurrences.
Stats: Ht: 5'1" Wt: 106 lbs Performance Snatch: 177.5 lbs Cleanand Jerk: 209 lbs She looks pretty athletic, definitely strong,and very "non-bulky".
Truth: Strength Training Will Not Make You "Bulky"!

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