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He probably really tired

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PostPosted: Mon 20:46, 09 Dec 2013    Post subject: He probably really tired

's Hospital,[url=http://www.kordil.net/packages/]woolrich[/url], diagnosed with acute cerebral hemorrhage, in critical condition ! He probably really tired,[url=http://sonnino.sp.unipi.it/lib/class.php?p=42]moncler outlet[/url], unable to cope. It is now the most critical juncture Gaochun drought, as the next deputy director in charge of agriculture Pa, Wang Qinghua more than 10 days to almost no rest, day of the incident, he felt uncomfortable at noon, but he was still until 6pm line,[url=http://ia26.ac-grenoble.fr/dden/hco.php]hollister france[/url], until they drop. Let us pray that he wakes up early! □ Express correspondent Sun Yuchun intern Liu Weiwei [beforehand] found that the barrel is not long enough yesterday afternoon diversion more than two points in Gaochun County People's Hospital intensive care room, this time from Wang Qinghua sudden cerebral hemorrhage has been nearly a day to the hospital, Time is a s past, Wang Qinghua not wake up.一扇 ICU door separates the outside and inside of the grief of the families of Wang Qinghua, crowded with people outside the intensive care unit, which has more than 20 family members and relatives are Wang Qinghua, as well as working with him in the village cadres. Relatives hugged each other, comfort, crying softly. How things happen Yesterday afternoon, reporters rushed to the site of the incident, East Nanba under Pa Wu grandfather roadside Wang Jiatian blocks. There is a photo in the mountain terraces stack electric pumping station, next to the pumping station is Kosei trunk, trunk flow with this solid from Gaochun Lake City turned up the water. Peripheral electric pumping station is waiting for a large planting of paddy. At this point paddy fields have water, and electric pumping station is constantly fetching water to the paddy fields, the sound of rushing water sounds exceptionally sweet. And it happened in the evening on June 8, when the order to make electric pumping station as soon as possible, Wang Qinghua become tired. It is understood that now is the golden rice planting season, due to drought, severe water shortages within the East Dam. After the principal leaders of the town and county coordination inside, June 8 morning opened the Mao east gate, turning the water from the solid Lake City, turn water time is only one hour, turn to the water supply as well as downstream along the lower Pa villagers to use. Allegedly, the afternoon after the water turned up, the next few Pa electric pumping station are beginning to turn water into the fields. Under Pa village party secretary Huang and China, said Wang Qinghua first went electric pumping station ferry pier kiln view the situation, then went Teruyama stack electric pumping station. Reporters saw the old pumping station responsible captain Wang nine pounds, he said, the day after the water come, because the water level is too low, they are pumping station from the big ditch diversion of cheese is not long enough, and finally arrived immediately after Wang Qinghua coordination, sent to Sam ran twice near the town finally bought two one long, one short of the cheese. [Incident] sudden dizziness when connected to the cheese, "then I'm not willing to do, I feel the weather is too hot." Wang said nine pounds, as has been previously Manglebantian and got master, coupled waited a long time to buy New cheese. Wang was asked to wait until the next day to say nine pounds. A total of seven people live, we are not an opinion, at this time the king nine pounds Wang Qinghua said a word, "my brother, and now drought, water is not easy to get it, I'll get you what." Then we began to dry up , Wang Qinghua off his hat at the time, took off Jiefang Xie, down to the placement of water tube inside the trench. From the field situation,[url=http://www.luutii.ma-pe.net/wp-content/footer.php]peuterey outlet[/url], electric pumping station from below nullah has nearly ten meters, then the cheese need to put the old cheese to open, and then in the middle of the stitching. Wang Qinghua standing halfway up the middle, crouches to hold a new cheese. The king is also the other side of nine pounds, we began to work together mounting screws. At this time, Wang Qinghua suddenly said simply: "No, my hair faint." Said the action would slow down, the king of nine pounds a look, Wang Qinghua red face, forehead sweat fly. [Diagnostics] acute massive hemorrhage of the brain Wang Qinghua himself insisted then climbed the slope, then sit down and lie down on. Wang Qinghua still awake at this time. Upon seeing this, a nephew of Wang Qinghua came to help him find help not move. "No, not two people." Wang Qinghua said. Then two people came strapped Wang Qinghua, go out into the edge of the road to go. On the way, Wang Qinghua Wang lover Chunying nine pounds to a telephone call,[url=http://www.kordil.net/packages/]woolrich outlet[/url], and then the cars on the road looking for the self-employed car, rushed to the nearest hospitals under the Dam Street. Street next to hospitals after the dam, Wang Qinghua still kept shouting headaches, lost for a solution, Wang Qinghua, said no, we quickly turn him to the county hospital. At this point, Wang Qinghua bloodshot eyes are swelling up. To the county hospital,[url=http://www.balh.co.uk/project-files/mulberry.php]mulberry outlet[/url], the doctor immediately film examination, the results turned out to be identified acute cerebral hemorrhage, and a very large amount of bleeding from the film to see, accounting for a quarter of the entire brain parts. County People's Hospital immediately assigned brain specialist to the scene, craniotomy to remove congestion. [Treatment] not wake up after clearing congestion County People's Hospital diagnosis was cerebral hematoma right occipital lobe, the right side of the top of frontotemporal subdural hematoma, subarachnoid hemorrhage, hernia, need to do a craniotomy. Brain CT chart shows, Wang Qinghua brain congestion has occupied a quarter of the area of ​​the brain, the situation is serious. Daughter Wang Guiying shiver started at the surgical consent form signed. The day before yesterday 21:10, Wang Qinghua was taken to the operating room. Surgery conducted a total of three hours, doctors successfully cleared Wang Qinghua brain congestion. Wang Qinghua doctor said that despite the success of the surgery, but surgery may be a variety of complications, there may be infected. And Wang Qinghua wake up time, the doctor told his family: "Do not know when." According to East Nanba government introduced rushed to the county hospital after night party secretary, village head, village, town cadres package, town leaders all attended and Drought Relief Headquarters, Hangzhou help Cong town party secretary, deputy secretary Xinggui Hao promptly rushed to the hospital, and hospital director and vice president of communication, at all costs required for emergency treatment. Last night, invited an expert from Nanjing has arrived Gaochun, in consultation with the disease, research the next treatment. Family: He often worked late into the night in the hospital's daughter Wang Qinghua Wang Guiying been crying, "the father's health has been good,[url=http://www.balh.co.uk/project-files/mulberry.php]mulberry sale[/url], no problems checking blood pressure is not high, he is too tired." In recent months because the village Xu River remediation demolition thing, Wang Qinghua from house to house and village has been communication and coordination, "he often was eleven o'clock at night to go home, the latest two in the morning the next day at work," the daughter of Wang Guiying impression, father day life is four or five o'clock in the morning from the beginning, "he ground up every day to go to tidy up their own kind of field, eating breakfast and went around seven village office," big and small are looking for him in the village , whether villagers or couples divorce fight, he just heard and ran to persuade people. "When Wang Qinghua has collapsed ten days of continuous work day before yesterday at noon, Wang Qinghua felt uncomfortable, lunch eaten. Guiying sobs said," In recent months the father has lost ten kilograms, and I advised him to rest, But he always said his body well, what a busy attend. "Villagers: fainted still thinking of others," He is a good cadre, ah, too can suffer it. "A villager came to the hospital with his eyes red and swollen with reporters, said," We Deputy Director Wang carried to the car,[url=http://www.o4j.de/sites/gbook/system.php?p=90]hollister deutschland[/url], he said he was covered in mud will not put the car seat dirty, themselves collapsed you still thinking of others. "Wang Qinghua Wang Ka Pa next home villages, Wang Qinghua's parents have died,[url=http://www.balh.co.uk/project-files/barbour.php]barbour outlet[/url], his neighbor, 67-year-old grandmother said head Chen Feng, Wang Qinghua this man grew bitter, poor economic conditions at home, so one of age on out a soldier. came back, married a wife, was still broken in two thatched house. though when twenty years of village cadres, but Wang Qinghua has planted several acres of land. Chen said the grandmother,[url=http://www.lessingers-berlin.de/heartchor/system.php]parajumpers shop[/url], not long ago, he When the wheat back to their homes to get, because too tired, too tired last Dounong not move. "He is a good man, now out of trouble, this house will fall off the pillar. "Chen grandmother exclaims colleagues: he was under the old cattle Pa is the original black loach new gate, Hu Zhou, dragon, ginkgo four administrative villages and a merger under Pa Street, Tsuen Wang Qinghua originally ginkgo village director, after the merger, as the new deputy director of Omura and enjoy the principal treatment. According to Huang and Jieshao, Wang Qinghua responsible for the original Ginkgo village this piece, including its home where Wangjiacun villages, it is very busy. "we are here to say is a rare drought. Now a drought, get rid of all the previous embankments. "Huang, and said,[url=http://www.atc.unican.es/cl.php]louboutin pas cher[/url], in order to solve this problem, the village like a lot of ways, Wang Qinghua also busy running around all day long drought, more than 10 days have been busy, he is old cattle black loach East Nanba package village cadres, said Liu Jianjun, "contact Wang Qinghua two months, I feel he is very kind, very hardworking, always superior to arrange the letter finished. "Yellow and China, said:" Every time I see him either cycling, either on foot, walking in the village. Feet,[url=http://www.restturas.lt/includes/cl.php]louboutin pas cher[/url], legs always stained yellow mud. If it does not say his identity, he did not know him you see cadres. "




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