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7-year-old boy to find birth parents abducted eigh

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PostPosted: Fri 2:39, 07 Feb 2014    Post subject: 7-year-old boy to find birth parents abducted eigh

  Asian Heart Network (Reporter Shi Fengsen) "My child, ah,[url=http://www.allexpo.it/moncler-outlet-sito-ufficiale/]moncler outlet sito ufficiale[/url], see you my heart is broken now see you, even if I have dead rest in peace ......" Recently, looking not seen for eight years, has been higher than their half-head's son Anil (a pseudonym), Gulinisuo Amat tears. Eight years ago,[url=http://www.cialisachatenligne.fr/air-jordan-spizike-pas-cher/]air jordan spizike pas cher[/url], 7 years old when his father left home to work with Anil abducted people to engage in pickpocketing in Dongguan, Guangdong. In May this year,[url=http://www.areyoumylitter.ca/canada-goose-outlet-store/]canada goose outlet store[/url], Anil police successfully rescued back to Xinjiang. Anil as soon as possible to help find long-lost parents, making him feel at ease work-study schools in Xinjiang, education, police removed Turpan, Bavaria, etc.,[url=http://hogan-outlet.annomenottiano.it/hogan/]hogan[/url], and finally help Anil achieved wish. Recently, learned to see his son,[url=http://abercrombie-outlet.annomenottiano.it/category/abercrombie-profumo/]abercrombie profumo[/url], and the son Gulinisha Korla to Urumqi advance purchase ticket. Upon arrival in Urumqi Railway Station, mother and son went straight to the Autonomous Region Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Corps waiting, Anil's father Crimea Amat from Shanshan rush over, police investigators put Anil received from reform school in Xinjiang Corps. Saw the son, the Crimea and Gulinisuo had tears,[url=http://meimoku.co.jp/cgi-def/admin/C-002/keiji/visit/main.pl?PAGE_NUM=1%20[PLM]http://meimoku.co.jp/cgi-def/admin/C-002/keiji/visit/main.pl?PAGE_NUM=1%20[PLM[/url], they came up and hugged his son, three people crying. Anil's brother, wearing a white T-shirt, he said, to see his brother, he and his mother purposely bought new clothes, but also bought a brother like to eat dried fruit, bring my brother as a child and family photos. "Mom would have wanted to give his brother to buy new clothes for the body, but have not seen, I do not know how much longer a brother." Gulinisha 38-year-old said she was Korla City, who married the former Crimean she had first marriage and two children. After the Crimean married, two in Korla to sell barbecue for a living. Anil 3 years old, Gulinisuo and Crimea divorce, child custody from the Crimea. "We have two not far away, I often see the doll, he looks pretty,[url=http://www.tsrb.com.cn/hfbbs/viewthread.php?tid=612160&extra=]http://www.tsrb.com.cn/hfbbs/viewthread.php?tid=612160&extra=[/url],[url=http://www.the-iphone-developers.co.uk/canada-goose-uk-sale/]canada goose uk sale[/url], chubby, but also more sensible." Gulinisuo tears, said Anil 5 years old, she was hospitalized children,[url=http://hollister-france.pagespersoorange.fr/hollister-paris/]hollister paris[/url], "Anil know, he found the owner of a wholesale market and say, 'My mother give birth to baby, but I have no money,[url=http://www.materiellekulturtextil.de/hollister-online-shop-schweiz/]hollister online shop schweiz[/url], I hope the boss to give a melon for mom' This is something I will never forget." Speaking Anil abducted, Gulinisha looked very guilty,[url=http://huzhuchina.com/viewthread.php?tid=76099&extra=]http://huzhuchina.com/viewthread.php?tid=76099&extra=[/url], "If I do not, and her husband divorced, would not have happened. son abducted, his father have certain responsibilities." she said. According to the Crimean memories, in 2003, he took his 7-year-old Anil to Turpan work, rented house in a tailor when he was working out a homeowner babysit children. August 20,[url=http://www.sestaretemotoritv.it/scarpe-hogan-2/]scarpe hogan[/url], 2003, he found the child gone home, the landlord said Anil daughter was led away by a man. Messages provided by the police, Anil was already being dismantled Aihemaiti Rozi Mamat gang abducted walking. Rozi was on Anil said: "Your father and a fight to escape, asked me to take you to find him." Young Anil has to follow, and the results abducted Pianzhi Guangdong,[url=http://park16.wakwak.com/~sakura2nd/cgi-bin/yybbs.cgi%3Fpage%3D60]http://park16.wakwak.com/~sakura2nd/cgi-bin/yybbs.cgi%3Fpage%3D60[/url], by Aihemaiti gang Control is engaged pickpocketing. And after Anil missing, while working side Crimean been looking for his son. October 2004, he remarried in Shanshan County, married a woman had a child. "Anil is my first child,[url=http://www.helenford.co.uk/mulberry-purses-on-sale/]mulberry purses on sale[/url], I grew up with the older, married again although there are two children, but I always wanted to Anil every day." Crimean said, Shihezi,[url=http://www.geol.sci.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/~environ/cgi-bin/lightlight.cgi?res=146986&nbsp]http://www.geol.sci.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/~environ/cgi-bin/lightlight.cgi?res=146986&nbsp[/url], Changji, Karamay other places he visited. Son abducted, Gulinisuo 2008 to know the news, then she reported the matter to the police station. "I heard his son appeared in the Kuqa, I specifically went to Kuqa, but did not find, back when a car accident fractured two ribs." Gulinisha said. In April, the regional party committee, the government decided to carry out rescue Xinjiang homeless minors protection special action, committed to all of Xinjiang minors wandering all pick. May 12, Guangdong police with new and destroyed in Aihemaiti Mamat headed trafficking (cheat), manipulation of Xinjiang minors criminal gang membership, membership in Xinjiang and arrested more than 30 suspects and three stolen goods suspects, Anil was arrested when police rescued the members of the group in Hainan. Anil was studying in Xinjiang back to work part-time after school. "I want to go home, think Mom and Dad!" Informed Anil thoughts of love for their loved ones, the Autonomous Region Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Corps Anil decided to help find his family. Responsible for the matter of anti-trafficking police officers and Allis-kun said Anil only know his father's name, address vague - "Mamat tailor home", with the simple message, August 10, police went to Turpan. After the local public security department, the police found a "tailor Mamat home", Mamat's wife recalls: "In 2003,[url=http://community.endofgospel.org/forum/newtopic]http://community.endofgospel.org/forum/newtopic[/url], there was indeed a man took the child, but the child's father is not here to live, seems to be in Shanshan County. " Shanshan Lukeqin town, is the foreign population more places, try holding the attitude of the police here. A resident provides a message - there is a local man drinking wine telling anyone cried every time their child. August 11, police found the man, he is the father of Anil Crimea. Police learned that his son was back to Xinjiang, Crimean cry. He then offers Anil mother's address, the police and rushed to Korla, but Gulinisha original houses have been demolished to live. "Looking for a day, then when we do nothing, things picked up." Allis police kun said before heard Gulinisha husband is now selling roasted whole lamb, they suddenly heard a few when looking just eat After the meal the man talk with her husband, he quickly stepped forward to ask, finally found Gulinisha home. Soon, the police were on the Crimean and Gulinisuo DNA testing, was identified, they are indeed Anil parents. For his son's future, Crimea, said he now conditions are relatively poor, children can learn a trade,[url=http://canada-goose-pas-cher.chocolyon.fr/canada-goose-homme-pas-cher/]canada goose homme pas cher[/url], if you are willing to live with him,[url=http://jofunni.com/discuz/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=252495&fromuid=394]http://jofunni.com/discuz/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=252495&fromuid=394[/url],[url=http://moncler-outlet.annomenottiano.it/category/moncler-sito-ufficiale/]moncler sito ufficiale[/url], he will strive to cover a house for the children. Gulinisha said: "You can take the kids to the Crimea, but must take good care of him and not let him throw up, it is best if the child is willing to go to school, do not want to go to school, then I want him to learn the craft,[url=http://park17.wakwak.com/~linkage/cgi-bin/honey/honey.cgi?mode=res&no%E8%81%BDopina:]http://park17.wakwak.com/~linkage/cgi-bin/honey/honey.cgi?mode=res&no%E8%81%BDopina:[/url], to He opened a shop. "" I'll be a good mom and dad want to follow, never do bad things, keep other children, along with Mom and Dad had a good day. "Anil said.

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